Flat Cable Earphones

16 janvier 2015

The last time that I went to the market, I lost my earphone. I bought some smoked haddock that day, which has proved very good, but this is not the subject of this post.

In order to continue to listen to Opeth, Marillion and Kamelot in the bus that brings me to work, I bought a Klipsch Image S4 earphone. The sound is very good, with powerful and satisfactory bass.

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Moving Git repo to GitHub

14 janvier 2015

Today I pushed my repl-tasks project to GitHub, whose repository was previously on a personal Synology server.

# add the new repo on GitHub
git remote add new-origin [email protected]:obarbeau/repl-tasks.git
# push everything
git push --all new-origin
git push --tags new-origin
# rename old syno repo
git remote rename origin previous-on-syno
# rename new repo to master
git remote rename new-origin origin
# change destination of local master branch to new repo
git branch master --set-upstream-to=origin/master
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Cleaning day

13 janvier 2015

I just spent the morning to sort paper records that were sleeping over my office box. I should say throwing them, because indeed the trash is now overflowing. I kept very little documentation.

Finally all these paper records have little interest. Most are intermediate versions of documents; so there are 'final' versions elsewhere, often electronic ones. When looking at those files one takes the 'risk' to miss the latest information.

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