Clojure - Plugins & tools

18 février 2015

This is my modest contribution to the plugins universe of Leiningen. I synthesized here some of my observations and comments, as others have already done here and there.

I highly recommand to try and adopt the following plugins and tools.

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Uberjar with ClojureScript

9 février 2015

Today I wanted to deploy a ring project with a ClojureScript part.

Deployment is done with an uberjar, which I find effective. I use an additional directory to separate the sources, which are located in src/clj/ns and src/cljs/ns.

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Dashboard, part 2

5 février 2015

After a break for more important projects, I'm back on the dashboard project. Since the first version was working fine, I decided to redo everything, according to a well-known principle in application development...

I replaced vanilla JavaScript by ClojureScript, and Ajax calls on Compojure routes (to retrieve data) by core.async on a websocket.

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Link with editor

26 janvier 2015

I released a very simple LightTable plugin that highlight in the Workspace view the file currently edited. The sources are available on my GitHub repo.

It has been build upon the mdhaney/lt-plugin-template, with the lein command: lein new lt-plugin link-with-editor.

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20 janvier 2015

Since three days I work on a dashboard that will display statistics in the form of tables and graphs.

I am using with great pleasure the following tools:

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