16 janvier 2015

Flat Cable Earphones

The last time that I went to the market, I lost my earphone. I bought some smoked haddock that day, which has proved very good, but this is not the subject of this post.

In order to continue to listen to Opeth, Marillion and Kamelot in the bus that brings me to work, I bought a Klipsch Image S4 earphone. The sound is very good, with powerful and satisfactory bass.

One silly thing and yet very pleasant, are the flat cables, which do not intertwine. It is a pleasure every morning to quickly be able to listen to his music, without losing 10 minutes to curse the ball of yarn.

By looking for the link on the site of the manufacturer, I realize that this earphone is already no more sold, and that he has been replaced by this one.

Tags: music